Enhancing Security and Trust: City of Ocala Embraces DotGov Domain

The City of Ocala has taken a momentous step towards enhancing security and establishing trust by embracing the DotGov website domain. This bold move, which required nearly a year of dedicated effort, signifies a significant milestone for the city as it proactively safeguards its residents and strengthens its digital infrastructure.


Unlike other domains, the DotGov domain is exclusively reserved for U.S. government organizations and publicly controlled entities. It cannot simply be purchased off the shelf. Instead, organizations must undergo a rigorous authentication process overseen by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

A Complex Set of Requirements

Securing the highly coveted DotGov domain required the City of Ocala to navigate a complex set of requirements. They diligently submitted a wealth of documentation, including legislation, city charter, bylaws, and letters of recommendation. This exhaustive evaluation process ensured that only deserving government organizations receive the prestigious DotGov domain.

But why is the DotGov domain such a critical development? The answer lies in the realms of security and trust. With the transition to ocalafl.gov, the City of Ocala’s website and communications become trusted sources of information. Citizens can now rest assured that they are interacting with a secure site, minimizing the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities.

The seamless transition to the DotGov domain was expertly overseen by Winsome Jacobs, the Director of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer for Ocala. Her expertise and unwavering dedication have propelled the city’s IT infrastructure to new heights, ensuring the highest level of security for both the City of Ocala and its residents.

However, this transition was not taken lightly. The City of Ocala meticulously planned every step, from data migration to extensive testing, to guarantee a seamless transition without any disruptions to essential services. Their objective was to ensure that the switch to DotGov was flawless, and they succeeded.

Security and Integrity

By embracing the DotGov domain, the City of Ocala has unequivocally demonstrated its commitment to protecting sensitive information and maintaining the integrity of its digital platforms. The authentication process overseen by CISA guarantees that DotGov domain names are exclusively granted to government organizations that meet stringent security standards. This assurance reassures citizens that communications received from any ocalafl.gov email address are legitimate and trustworthy.

But there’s more! The adoption of the DotGov domain has also brought financial benefits to the City of Ocala. Unlike other domains, DotGov domains are made available to government organizations without any fees once approved by CISA. This allows the city to allocate its resources more efficiently and serve the community without unnecessary financial burdens.

Ocala Florida adopts DotGov website

The transition to the DotGov domain has revolutionized Ocala’s online presence. The city’s website, now residing at www.ocalafl.gov, has become a central hub for residents to access vital information, services, and resources. With robust security measures in place, citizens can navigate the website with confidence, knowing that their interactions and transactions are safeguarded.

Advertising Prohibited

The DotGov domain strictly prohibits the use of government websites to distribute or promote advertisements benefiting private entities or individuals. This ensures that the city’s online platforms remain focused on providing accurate and unbiased information to the public.


In August 2022, the City of Ocala secured approval for its new domain after undergoing a meticulous evaluation of its credentials and commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity. The successful acquisition of the DotGov domain reflects the city’s dedication to continuous improvement and its desire to adapt to evolving technologies while prioritizing the safety and trust of its residents.

Leading this charge is Winsome Jacobs, the Director of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, who has played a pivotal role in driving the adoption of the DotGov domain. Under her visionary leadership, the City of Ocala has undergone a comprehensive transformation, leveraging advanced technologies and best practices to fortify its defenses against cyber threats.

Paving the Way for a New Era

The City of Ocala’s transition to the DotGov domain signifies a significant stride in strengthening security and building trust with its residents. By embracing this new era of digital security, the city has solidified its website and communications as reliable sources of information. With Winsome Jacobs at the helm of Ocala’s IT department, the city is well-positioned to adapt to emerging technologies and safeguard the interests of its residents in an increasingly digital world.

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