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People who build websites to flip may not consider themselves writers. If this is you, where will you find great content for your website? Well, you have a few options.

Content Writer


Your first option is to use a product known as PLR material. PLR stands for private label rights and comes with a user license. This allows you to add your name to the content, rewrite it in any way you see fit, and to add it to your website or blog. You generally buy PLR content in a package of 5 or 10 articles. This method is the most cost effective and don’t forget that you can re-use this material over and over again.

You can even use PLR as is, without rewriting it, but you will need to tell the auction sites that your content is not original. It’s best if you spend a little time rewriting, or at least paraphrasing, your material to make it unique. After rewriting, it’s a good idea to run your content through Copyscape, or another plagiarism checker, to make sure it’s unique.

To find PLR sites, type your niche + PLR into the web browser for a list of PLR providers. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. First not all PLR is created equal. Some is well-researched and well-written, and some is downright terrible. If you use it, be sure to buy from a reputable dealer. And secondly, some PLR sites will be membership sites where you will have to pay a monthly fee. Other sites will be a pay-as-you-use method and some sites will be dedicated to one niche only, such as health or internet marketing.

Hire A Ghostwriter

Another option is to use a ghostwriter to create the content for you. Obviously, this is a more expensive method, but if you order 10 or more articles you can often get a good deal on the price. A ghostwriter will provide you with unique content. With PLR you will need to rewrite it yourself to make it unique. You can search Google for individual ghostwriters, or find them using a freelance service like Upwork or Guru.

Use An Article Writing Service

A third option is to buy ready-made articles from a site such a Constant Content. Constant Content’s articles can be quite expensive, but you have an option to be the only owner of each article, and they will therefore be unique. Less expensive options would be writing services like HireWriters, iWriter, Fiverr, and others. You can also hire writers to rewrite your PLR from these services.


If you enjoy writing, your fourth option is to create the content yourself. This method will save you money and will only cost you time and effort. You can easily research your topic and find suitable information. Then sit down and create your articles with about 400 – 500 words each.

We would recommend that you have around 10 articles on your site for flipping, as well as three or four pages. Your pages should include a contact page, about us, privacy, and terms of usage, at the least.

Don’t forget to add graphics and images to your site. With images you want to look for those with a creative commons license and those advertised as royalty free images. This will ensure that you have the rights to sell the images along with your website.

One of these methods should suit your budget and don’t forget with PLR sites many will offer a pack of free PLR if you sign up to their mailing list. Depending upon your niche this might be a great place to start.

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