Why Start a Website Flipping Business?

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Website Flipping

If you’ve been online for long, and had an eye towards earning money, you’ve no doubt seen dozens, or even hundreds, of ways to do it. With so many viable business opportunities online, why should you choose website flipping as your business model?

Every Business Needs A Website

There are several reasons why, but one of the most apparent would be because every business requires a website. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time or the knowledge to set up their own site. They are more than happy to buy a pre-made site.

If you already know how to set up a basic website then you can easily use this business model to create a solid income. Even if you are aren’t familiar with the process, but are willing to learn, then site flipping could be for you. Just keep in mind, that as with any business, it takes hard work and dedication to become a success.

The term flipping is actually a real estate term. Applied when someone purchases a house with the intent to fix it up and sell it for a higher price and make a profit. The same concept applies to websites. The advantage is that you can create brand new sites to flip as well, with far less investment than it would take to flip a house. If you follow online trends you can easily become the go-to person for websites in popular niches.

Small Investment

You no doubt realize that it takes money to start a business. Website flipping is attractive because of its fairly low investment. The bare basics include needing a domain name, a hosting plan and a few articles. You could literally do this for $20 if you write your own content, and for under $50 even if you don’t. We like to say that by spending around $150, you can build a really nice website, but it can be done for less. Stick around and we’ll show you how.

Residual Income

Your initial money from flipping websites will be the profit you make from the sale. There are other ways you can continue to benefit from that sale.

The new buyer will need to host the website somewhere and is going to have to spend money on a hosting plan. You can offer to host the site for them and charge them a monthly fee. This could easily add $120 per year per customer into your pocket. To do this successfully, you will need to sign up for a reseller account with your hosting company.

Another passive income stream can be made if you take the time to add some affiliate products to the website. Instead of selling it immediately, take time to drive traffic to the site and make some sales. This way when you do finally sell the site, you can set a higher price because of the revenue you have generated.

Work at Home

Flipping websites will allow you to work in the comfort of your own home. And that means however you want to work. In your pajamas, on the couch, even in the backyard. There’s no boss looking over your shoulder, and if one of your favorite tunes comes on, you can take a break and blare it as loud as you want, even jump up and do your crazy dance moves. You likely couldn’t do that at the office.

The internet just continues to grow and grow. There are new people coming online everyday, many of them wanting a website. As you become proficient at flipping websites, what started out as a hobby could easily become a full time income. Are you looking to retire early from your job?

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